Art for me is a state of the soul
in which creation represents the peak of expression of the

Infinite possibilities
and potentials

of Human Being

When we are able to transcend our limitations  and selfish desires, in that right time, we begin the real journey into the Imaginary:


My philosophy is

which in my dictonary means



Barbara Di Giacinto was born in L'Aquila (Italy). She studied at the Art School, European Institute of Design and the Academy of Fine Arts (Rome-Urbino). Her deep interest about cultural differences/diversities, continues to push her through the artistic and existential researches. In the late 80's she moves to Athens (Greece) which becomes her second home, and by which she will get inspired to keep on travelling abroad.

Fascinated both by the German philology and the Artistic trends in the beginning of the 1900, she goes to Berlin where she lives long times during the first decade after the fall of the wall.

In the mid-90s New York and London get to be the two very important realities (scenarios), where the artist began to develop a personal style by collaborating with various artists in the analysis of new media and enjoyment of art. London will be the basis for some years, where she worked both as a photographer, as an assistant in professional studios, and occasionally for “The Sun” newspaper as a photo reporter aswell.

For several years, by now, she’s living either in Ibiza or in Barcelona during the whole year, where she has accomplished photographic work for the Government of Aragon on the revaluation of rural areas and Fine Arts. She has also collaborated on projects funded by the European Community.

She has worked for the fashion and for the music world too, creating also brands for some artists. Her most personal artistic creations for the contemporary Art’s world, make use of photography, performances, installations, everything that may enrich the development of conceptual work.