MY DICTIONARY. The artist tries to create a vocabulary through which he expresses his renewed spiritual and emotional status. In our sleeping reality we’re subjugated by the pleasure of our egos, we no longer see with our fellow benevolent eyes, in this scene we have forgotten to use the heart and our brain. Blinded by the mechanism of accelerated production of careerism and materialism we have lost sight of the purpose, we exploited the word, creating a false conception of what humanity pretends to define "Truth, Reality, Love".

This point of conjunction, is the zero point from which the artist intends rebuild its own reality through the Art.

While looking for an authentic language is inescapable for me to remember the importance of the heart and brain to make up our ancestral sound, the word, the Logos. The proportion is the key to everything in my world, thought not visionary, not even unreal, instead brain, heart, soul, body, black and white, Light and shadow, Eros and Thanatos, Angels and demons, mother and father there’s no polarity.

Greek Logos was a reflection of a symmetry, a harmony in which  the differences are unified and non-polarized. Lao Tse used to call TAO and in a Veda philosophy RIT.

The Sanskrit word RIT or RTA derives from the root AR and Artist. So it’s proper in A. R.T where I think there is the key both of evolution and essence, and where the existence is a journey which you match amazingly and fully in, into an area with no corners, where the cosmic order and it is infinitely more powerful that the selfish desire for power and control that the humanity and the (System) seeks to apply as a Software Primary.

In my WORLD OF HIJOS THE P.U.T.A every single one of us has the potencial  to rebuild and to heal himself also from what surrounds us, each with his own A.R.T. as ADORING, RESPECT, TOLERANCE.

That´s  when I got the inspiration to recreate My Truth by transforming the sounds most often abused or bad used.